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Misha Infotech is a company that offers high-quality solutions and services for very reasonable prices, therefore it may be very profitable for you to resell our services. Misha Infotech provides you with all the materials you may need – presentations, booklets, portfolio and case studies and, of course, our round-the-clock support. The only thing you need to do is find people or companies who may be interested in any of our services. Then you pass the contact to us and our business analysts and technical specialists approach the customer to find out the details of the possible project.

  • You do not have to invest money to start a business
  • You can dedicate as much time as you want to resell Misha Infotech services
  • We offer you good commissions in case of project success
  • We sign a contract that gives you full authority to represent interests of our company in your country and regulates all the questions of commissions and related things
  • No experience in IT industry is required

E-Vidyalaya Reseller Program

If you have plans to enter the challenging and tempting market and you realize the advantages of offshore software development – this is your choice!

Return on Investment

We keep world-class quality of our products due to following best industry standards and well-organized and constantly improved software development process. In fact, that means that software development together with Misha Infotech maximizes your possibilities on the market and assists you in achieving a new level of profitability in the competitive and challenging present-day market.

Get a Stable, Experienced Team

Several years in the market, experienced and qualified personnel, the most cutting-edge technologies, a large portfolio and best practices of software development are our advantages that we turn into yours

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