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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is E-Vidyalaya?

E-Vidyalaya is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business processes.

2. What are the benefits of using an ERP?

There are many benefits of using an ERP. Some of them are:

  • Increase integration/communication between departments.
  • Increase profitability while maintaining product quality.
  • Increase value-added relationships.
  • Increase customer service/handle customer expectation.
  • Decrease total costs: order processing, material handling, distribution, direct labor, overhead, etc.
3.What Are features of E-Vidyalaya?

It is highly customizable, user friendly and scalable Solution that provides your institution with all the ways to automate entire operations and enable the smooth flow of information. It is very scalable and it can be customized to specific requirements of an Institution. It enables streamline flow of information and thus makes decision making easy.

4.Can you customize various modules of E-Vidyalaya?

E-vidyalaya being on scalable architecture, its highly customizable with self customization options and any customizations in the structure can be done at an extremely low turnaround time, to meet your different requirements.

5.what type of Support are available?

We have a round the clock Support Centre available on Email, Phone or Chat can assist you using our Remote Support System, where our Support Executive will be able to access your server or your desktop remotely and offer your real-time support. Post-implementation, you will also be provided with a detailed Help Manual.

6.Why I need Automation of my processes when I am running perfectly with out it?

It depends upon our perception that we consider our campus to be perfect without any enterprise systems. Institute in itself is no less than an Organization that yields profits through its various resources like teachers, Students and other staffs.
To integrate all the operations so that the manual tedious work is replaced by the fast and growing technology systems . once we will have the system , we can easily see benefit as we will be able to better utilizing the resources in analyzing instead of doing small kind of manual work.

7. We already have Hardware for various process of Institution , how the system can be integrated with such hardwares?

Yes, if the client wants then E-Vidyalaya can be integrated with the swipe card machine or any kind of other hardwares. The data can be easily transferred and can be well managed.

8. Is it possible to communicate via Mobile?

There is an communication Module, whereby the parents, students and teachers can be notified about the examinations, results, and important notices. Also in our school management system we have the facility of students marks obtained and attendance being known to the parents.

9. what if our group has multiple institutions /campuses in different location?

E-Vidyalaya is also available as web based application so once it is installed in the server of an institute; all other institutes linked to it can also use that ERP. Thus our ERP helps in integrating different branches of an institute.

10. What is SaaS ?

SaaS is a software application that has no upfront license fees associated with the use of the software (a subscription fee is generally billed monthly with a one- to two-year contract). It doesn’t require any IT infrastructure at the client site other than desktop devices and Internet access.

11. what is the Technology used in E-Vidyalaya ?

The technology that we use is as follows:

  • Development: C# and 4.0
  • Design: HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, JQUERY
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

12. Does it possible to have few modules instead of complete package ?

There is a flexibility whereby one can procure the license for few packages of E-vidyalaya which would be comprised of selected modules. Further on modules can be added based on your requirement.

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