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E-Vidyalaya is easily the most comprehensive administration automation suite for any kind weber genesis grill cover of educational institution, day school, residential school, college, professional college or university.

With an unmatched range of features, E-Vidyalaya has pretty much redefined the product space and is currently in use at many institutions), universities, international schools, day and residential schools and colleges. With its massive user base and sheer diversity of requirements, E-Vidyalaya is constantly growing, pushing the envelope in terms of features and support for different operational models.

E-Vidyalaya is multi-user, scalable, highly secure and extremely user-friendly. The comprehensive feature set covers all the basic administrative requirements of any educational institution, such as student profiles, fee management, exams management etc., and adds such state of the art features as biometrics (fingerprint identification) based attendance management, comprehensive inventory, payroll and Edit my paper at superb price – hire an expert to amend your work financial accounting, timetabling, integrated email, certificate designer and id card printing facility, among others.

E-Vidyalaya multilingual suite is available in All indian Languages.

Additional Features

  • Web login for parents, students, staff
  • Content management
  • Email / SMS notifications


The feature set, comprehensive as it is, is only the beginning. The real power of E-Vidyalaya lies in its adaptability to different operational models. E-Vidyalaya , like any ERP system, derives its power from being highly configurable.

For instance, the Attendance module supports day-wise, session-wise, period-wise and subject-wise modes.

The fee structure and payment schedule are completely configurable and can handle almost every conceivable scenario: multiple fee heads, separate payment schedules for separate heads, student category-wise fee defaults, class / section-wise defaults, special structure for specific students, concessions / discounts, special fees, full or apportioned posting to multiple ledger accounts, map to specific bank accounts, etc.

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These examples only scratch the surface. Every single module in e-Vidyalaya provides the same degree of customization and out-of-the-box support for common business models.
Standalone / Distributed Model / Web Support

e-Vidyalaya can be deployed standalone at a single site, or distributed across multiple sites each operating independently. It is possible to synchronize the data at a central location online, and to view reports / MIS statements securely from anywhere on the Internet.

This means that even if the link to the central server is down, each site can continue to operate independently, and when the link comes back on, the system automatically synchronizes data both ways.
Multiple Versions

E-Vidyalaya ships in multiple versions, providing an affordable entry level and a logical upgrade path so you can start off with exactly what you need, and add features as your comfort level and needs grow:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

All versions are available for day / residential schools, junior / degree colleges, professional (engineering / medical) colleges.


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